Body rolling: Find deep relief without massage

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In the December 2003 issue of Canada’s Alive magazine, I introduced a new technique of applying balls of various sizes to pressure points.

Using one’s weight against the balls goes deep into tissue, relaxes muscles, and helps to loosen tendons. It works!

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Traditional or alternative medicine?

Both traditional and alternative medicine have their strengths and weaknesses.

As contributing writer to Canada’s national publication Alive magazine in 2003, I wrote a feature that explores these two treatment modalities. This piece explores the benefits of holistic medicine, and the value of allopathic medicine for surgeries, serious injuries, and specialized care.

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Nail polish contains dangerous chemicals

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“If a woman things her dazzling nail polish looks like dynamite, she’s not far from the truth: it contains a potentially harmful chemical used to make explosives. . .”

That’s how my feature “Spiked!” begins in the April 2003 issue of Canada’s national Alive magazine. The article not only addresses the ingredients of most nail polishes, including toxic compounds such as phthalates; it identifies safe-to-use natural nail products.

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How did the role of women shift in post-war Nicaragua?

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Nicaraguan women in the 1990s faced high unemployment, exploitation and discrimination. But thanks to Vancity funding to a grassroots group in this central American nation, women gained job and business training and micro-loans.

I wrote about this for Working Dollars, the newsletter for VanCity Savings Credit Union.

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While in central America for six months in the early 1980s, I wrote a three-part series for Kinesis, the now-defunct Vancouver women’s publication, on the status of women in post-war Nicaragua:

  • “More and more Nicaragua women are organizing”
  • “Contradictions persist in Nicaragua’s sexual revolution”
  • “Mothers an active, respected force in Nicaraguan society”